Just two kids riding an old airhead down to argentina

The steed is a 1983 BMW R80ST, a short-lived street edition of the classic Bavarian overland machine, the R80G/S. It has been hailed as the best handling bike BMW has ever made. We call him Horace because Diana thinks he looks like a hoary moth. I prefer to think he’s named after the Egyptian god of the sky. Regardless, we’ve done a quite a lot of work on him preparing for this trip, so he is something of a mongrel, but we love him. The direction is South from San Francisco, California to Ushuaiah, Argentina. The duration is as-long-as-it-takes.



Nathan grew up in Texas and moved to San Francisco in 2009 after a year teaching English in Korea. He is a graphic designer at Twilio and co-hosted a recalcitrant literature podcast and bookclub.



Diana is a native born San Franciscan. She studied poetry. She practices the art of healing and the magic of pie. Her spirit animal is the rabbit.



Horace was born in 1983. He is a well-loved, quality-built machine. He is easy to work on, quirky as hell, and if the odometer is any testament, has already made one trip around the world.


You think you are making a trip, but soon it is making you - or unmaking you.

Nicolas Bouvier



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