There’s no need to interfere: the road does the work for you.

Nicolas Bouvier


part 1

San Francisco → Bogota

We depart with the belief that the best routes and the best sites are discovered along the way. We have mapped out some general plans, but we will ask a lot of questions as we go and stay open to adaptation. We will ride South from San Francisco through Baja California and, when the road ends, take the ferry to the mainland of Mexico. We plan to ride to the Caribbean coast and visit Belize and then Westward through Guatemala and South-East through El Salvador to take the short trip through Honduras. Following that Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. From Panama we take a boat into Columbia. In Bogota, we plan to take a long break, assess our progress, repair the bike, and find some work.


part 2

bogota → ushuaia

We tentatively plan to leave Bogota in the Summer of 2018. From there we will travel down the Western coast of South America to Ushuaia, Argentina, the Southern-most tip of the continent. We plan to arrive there in the summer months, thus avoiding the harshest weather.


part 3

ushuaia → ?

After more than a year on a motorcycle, who knows how we will be feeling. We leave this entirely open. Depending on time and resources, we may decide to travel back up the Eastern coast of the continent, visiting Brazil and the many other countries we will miss on the route South. On the other hand, we may decide that one-way is quite enough and ship the bike home to the US. Only time will tell.


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